we are

Instigators, advisors, and teammates, creative fairy godparents, chomping at the bit to help leaders and innovators develop and implement radical new ideas. We’re expert in igniting people to be their best creative selves, inspiring change for good, and creating learning experiences that lead you into the future.

we believe

That magic happens at the intersection of creative strength and entrepreneurial chutzpah. That creativity is necessary across industries and avocations. That we’re most open to new modes of creative expression when we’re plucked from our daily routine and plopped down outside our comfort zone.





Elysa is a healer of creativity, designer of products, champion of learning and maker of covetable things. Applying the medicine of creativity to projects at the intersection of design, art, and education, she enables her students to thrive through mindful making and life prototyping.

As Google’s first designer-in-residence, she facilitates human-centered design processes and spearheads social impact projects. At The Creative Nomad Project, she leads global organizations to foster creativity in endeavors ranging from transforming Peruvian artisans into entrepreneurs, to visioning the future of K12 education in rural Panama. Closer to home, Elysa teaches at the Stanford and plays with fiber and fire — though not at the same time — in her studio. At her core, she’s an artist who’s happiest when getting lost in the color and texture of fabric and sculpting precious metals. Previously, Elysa worked at IDEO where she developed the Design Thinking for Educators platform.



Aithan speaks about the value of leadership in uncertain times and how to ‘lead by seeing and listening differently' at global venues. At Making to Think, he advises senior executives and boards of Fortune 500 tech, financial, aviation, healthcare and energy companies. His research on how the arts can transform organizations and leadership has guided initiatives, entertainment experiences, curricula, products and corporate cultures. Aithan has pioneered top-rated leadership development courses for MIT’s Sloan Innovation Period and develops emergent research on creative systems; co-founded several successful start-ups linking business, art, and social enterprise; and designs programming for game-changing tech, business, and arts institutions. Aithan draws from deep experience, from the Royal College of Art and Design to living with Aboriginal Australians studying innovation in cultures of survival, directing highest-caliber creative teams in music and fine art, designing experiences and exhibitions, exhibiting and performing internationally as an artist himself, and serving as a visiting critic/professor in studio arts from the RCA to RISD.


we enable

seekers of change to develop design intuition and creative behaviors to navigate uncharted futures.