residencies that inspire

artists to thrive, professionals to ignite their creativity, and seekers of change to follow their passion.


Our Executive Residencies challenge and inspire professionals to apply art-first, human-centered strategies to work and life. Wield new tools and experiment with your inspiration in the studio.

our days are curated

to shift your senses and strengthen your creative intuition.


The Daily Creative Ingredients.



Start with your body: yoga, making-based meditation, healers, essence, & more.

Early risers start each day with mind and body awakening through optional activities like creative yoga and guided observation hikes.



Begin your mornings with creative caffeine to fuel your mind and body.

Each morning we'll pair a locally-sourced wholesome breakfast, with the finest ingredients ranging from small-batch roasted coffee to hand-crafted artist pastels to caffienate and jump start our  ingredients to  and your liquid caffeine with some creative jolts such as 


Get your hands dirty with arts-experiments that move complete novices and mavericks beyond comfort zones.

Open space to expand your fishbowl, transform, reflect, and peel away what's clouding your creative potential.


Practical, researched tools for developing creative behaviors & design instincts.


Get messy with food, amplify your senses, collide & re-vision with artistic curation.


Intimate chats & wine with industry-mavens.

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Each day is filled with activities built to help your mind, body, and creativity Stretch, Laugh, Try, Grow, Learn, and Play in new ways.


Sample Schedule


Day 1

Play: Design with your food.


Fireside: Creative Caffiene Jolt. Color

Day 2

Stretch: Creative Yoga

Laugh: Creative Caffiene Jolt. Hand-crafted coffee meets hand-crafted art materials.

Learn: Drawing to See

Play: Color play & design with your food.


Day 3

Stretch: Curation Hike

Laugh: Creative Caffiene Jolt. 

Learn: Drawing to Ideate



Play: S'more Design Challenge

Day 4

Stretch: Yoga & Painting with your Toes

Laugh: Creative Caffiene Jolt. 


leave with the gear that
starts rumors about the creative
leader you are:

  • Build creative fluency & new exercises
  • Sharpen your innovative leadership skills
  • Design a new life atlas
  • Form a community of creative powerhouses
  • Follow-up with a creative swat team to help you integrate and take action

There's never been a more important time to rethink the value of your career, your creativity, and your life - manifest your dreams.

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